Can I get compensation – Asbestos Firm gone Bust?

Yes you can  – If you have developed an asbestos related disease such as mesothelioma or pleural plaques and you want to claim for compensation, do not delay  – as you can still seek legal advice through a lawer/solicitor even if the company that you were employed with no longer exists .



Due to the long duration mesothelioma can occur – anywhere between ten and fifty years  – many mesothelioma patients may  find that the companythey worked for  has since gone into liquidation. A law firm will investigate everything for you even if you are confused regarding the year (s) you worked there and how you were exposed to asbestos, i.e. you may have not handled asbestos as part of your job but you may recall working in an environment where asbestos was present – such as a boiler room, work shop, builders yard etc.






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