Can Eating Too Much Nutmeg Be Fatal?

Nutmeg has many medicinal properties but consuming large quantities can have unwanted side-effects. This is due to ‘myristicin’ a compound within Nutmeg which not only possesses narcotic effects – but can also be toxic.

Nutmeg should only be used for culinary purposes – such as adding it fresh or ground according to the recipe to add flavour. Several years ago 4 people were hospitalized when a Swedish magazine published a recipe containing Nutmeg. The recipe stated that it required 20 whole Nutmegs instead of 20 pinches!
Some of the worst side-effects of an overdose of Nutmeg include: violent nausea, liver damage, hallucinations, and convulsions
What is considered to be a safe amount of Nutmeg?
Nutmeg – as an ingredient in recipes is often referred to as a pinch, pinches or a small amount measured on a teaspoon, such as ¼ of a teaspoon. An overdose is likely if an unsuspecting individual who isn’t aware of the dangers of Nutmeg consumes 1-3 whole kernel. Just 1 whole nutmeg kernel is the equivalent of 2 – 3 teaspoons of ground nutmeg!
Do Not use Nutmeg to achieve a Cannabis –like High!
If you try to get high by snorting Nutmeg – you will only end up with very unpleasant influenza – type symptoms which will last for approximately 2 days.
There have been 2 recorded deaths from Nutmeg poisoning. An 8 year-old boy that ingested 2 whole nutmeg kernels and a post-mortem concluded that a 55 year-old woman that had died had high levels of the compound ‘myristicin’ (contained in Nutmegs) in her blood.
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