Can Fruit Make Me Fat?

Fruit contains calories and these calories need to be taken into consideration when calculating your daily calorie recommendations


Unfortunately some people tend to think that because fruit is so healthy (which it is) that they can eat as much as they like without feeling guilty or indulgent.



Metabolic consultant Dr. Carel Le Roux, Imperial College, London sees many patients who cannot understand why they are overweight when they are eating healthy but when their daily intake of calories is calculated – they are shocked to realise that their daily snacking of fruits accounts for a large percentage of their recommended daily calorie allowance.

Fruit contains sugar


Fruit is packed with fruit sugar (fructose) and fructose does not trigger an insulin response like sugar does – sugar signals to your brain that you are full, whereas fructose doesn’t signal the same response, so you can eat more fruit without feeling full.

Go easy on the fruit somoothies


If you are dieting – limit your amount of fruit smoothies as your average fruit smoothie can contain 300 calories! And a lot of dieters can’t work out why they have not lost any weight at the end of the week – but they may have not accounted for the couple of smoothies they ate per day – totting up 4,200 calories!

You should always aim to eat your recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables per day.


If you want to eat more fruits then substitute these for some of the less healthy foods in your daily diet.

Tip: Look out for fructose in other foods. A lot of manufactured food products also contain fructose which can also be misleading as you may think that you are eating less calories and that the product is an healthy alternative to sugar.

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