Can I Get Addicted To PC War Games?

PC War Games can be particularly addictive as they have a very strong competetive element

The competetiveness becomes more fierce when playing online as the gamer morphs into his/her character or role model, and lets be honest – nobody want to be seen as the looser!

It is easy to slip into the virtual reality world and loose sight of the important things of everyday life – such as: relationships, work, school etc. Apparently thousands of  ‘World Of Warcraft’ (WOW) gamers have fallen into this trap and ended up in divorce courts! Although – I would imagine that there may have been other underlying issues festering as well, and that becoming a WOW widow was probably the last straw.

Does this mean that I should avoid playing PC War Games?

No – Not at all – But I would advice that you take note of your priorities in life and don’t let your gaming get in the way of the most important ones. PC gaming can be fun . .  . just fun!

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