How Can I Rank Higher On Google?

It’s simple: Internet success relates to a website that is Google friendly


In the past website owners were always looking for sneaky and effective ways to harvest some linking profit that would pull in some income and boost traffic to their website. DID YOU FALL THIS NOTION? I sure did.

Well if backlinking did make anyone rich. It sure won’t anymore. In fact dodgy backlinks will ruin your website more than they ever did! We still talk about them though don’t we? like they are the bee all and end all of cementing a website together. Now and then I get the urge and Google the term ‘ Is backlinking any good?’. Is it?

Us webmasters are always looking for novelties that boost our sites in this niche of business every single day. When I started my wordpress blog I installed loads of plugins. A lot of them were novelties. They made my blog look really pretty and filled in those ugly gaps in the sidebar, ‘How many of you installed the calendar?’ lol. A lot of my pretty plugins were actually ‘pretty useless’ to my readers.

It’s no use optimizing your website if it’s not Google and Reader friendly


It’s like folding your clothes up when you haven’t even bothered to iron them! Optimizing your website or blog with great quality content is the best way to rank well in search engines.

There are either legal or illegal ways to deal with the optimization processes, and the best way forward is to use a professional SEO company. It is difficult to try and do SEO single handed, and extremely time consuming – hence  – while you are doing all this  – your precious time could be spent on writing quality articles! Additionally, you have to be on the ball concerning great  keywords  – The  majority of sites ranking well is based on’ keywords richness’.

The term ‘dominating Google’ is a pet hate of mine  🙁  How about dominating your readers with engaging content instead?

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