How Can I Rank Higher On Google?

It’s simple: Internet success relates to a website that is Google friendly

In the past website owners were always looking for sneaky and effective ways to harvest some linking profit that would pull in some income and boost traffic to their website. DID YOU FALL FOR THIS NOTION? I sure did!

Well if back-linking did make anyone rich. It sure won’t anymore. In fact dodgy backlinks will ruin your website rankings more than they ever did! They’re now the porn of web pages! Now and then when I’m checking my web stats I still I get the urge to Google the term ‘is back-linking any good?’

Webmasters are always on the prowl for quick methods that will boost their financial growth in this in this highly competitive world of marketing. When I started my first WordPress blog I installed a ton of plugins in an effort to drag in traffic. But a lot of these were mere novelties. Some of these were used to filled in those pesky empty sidebars, (nothing worse than a blank sidebar eh?) How many of you installed the calendar?’ Who’d actually find one useful? A lot of my pretty looking plugins were actually ‘pretty useless’ to my readers.

Also – one has to bear in mind that having a ton of plugins means constant updating as well. Whose clicked on their site after being away for a couple of days and it looks like a car crash? Sheer panic sets in and you’ve got to spend hours fixing it. What I learned is that the time spent on fixing and updating plugins could be spent on writing quality content. So if you need to use plugins then keep these to a bare minimum.

It’s pointless optimizing your website if it’s not Google and Reader friendly

Basically it’s like folding your clothes up when you haven’t even bothered to iron them! Optimizing your website or blog with unique content is paramount to ranking well in search engines. Once you’ve mastered the skill of dragging in your readers you might think you’ve cracked it but it’s not as simple as that. For instance – if the article you’ve written is on a common topic that’s been spewed out a thousand times over the internet you will need to think outside the box as well as being SEO savvy.  Write creatively, stray off the beaten path and view your subject from a different perspective.

The term ‘dominating Google’ is a pet hate of mine. It implies I have to fight Google like some mighty tyrannical monster to get visitors to my website. It’s daft logic because everyone can’t dominate the top spot on page 1 of Google. Above all tricks and techniques to be noticed, our intended audience is what we need to dominate and this should be our primary focus.


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