New Lego Friends Review – Heartlake or Heartache?

The new Lego friends theme has sparked a lot of negative comments on social forums. Most of the gripes are based on the themes stereotyping but from my research I can’t see anything psychologically damaging at all with the concept or the mini-figure characters.

For instance – check out the characters biographies on Lego’s official website and you will find that they are a million miles away from the sleazy stereotypes of Bratz and Barbie. Instead of your Barbie craving Ken or Bratz dolls dressing up like first class hookers – these Lego mini-figure girls possess ambition and drive.

These girls aspire to be Journalists, Scientists, Engineers, Animal Psychologists etc. They understand the true meaning of friendship and are interested in intelligent topics such as map reading, navigating the stars, being green, martial arts, and song writing.

I am glad that Lego has not reincarnated the Belville themes with their oversized mini-figures and animals, limited construction, and unchangeable Lego pieces. Oh boy – and how relieved I am to see the back of unicorns and fairy queens and princesses!

Thank goodness – the new friends Lego theme has binned the stereotypical pink, glitzy, princess, girlie chick of a mini-figure and reinvented her as a typical girl that doesn’t mind getting to her hands dirty in her workshop –  surrounded by power-tools occasionally, and has a brain.

The colour of the Lego bricks in the new sets are very refreshing including turquoise, 2 shades of green, and light blue, thankfully –  far more cosmopolitan than previous Lego girlie themes.

There has been some negative comments surrounding the new look of the mini-figures, that they are a bit slim and curvy compared to Lego’s regular ones. Yes – they appear a bit more feminine than their predecessors but nonetheless  there is not even a hint of a glint of sexualisation in their little plastic bones. Their little faces are highly detailed and look a bit like a souped up version of the loveable and popular Polly Pocket dolls. Their hair is styled beautifully and interchangeable which will in no doubt add to the play value.

Personally – I think that Lego have got it right with the design of these mini-figures because it teaches girls that being pretty isn’t paramount to ones happiness and at that they can have the same dream about careers that boys dream of.

Overall – I think that Lego have done their homework and produced balanced themes and characters that reinforce positive attitudes in little girls. So well done to the designers!

I think that little girls will have a lot of creative fun at Heartlake City and these sets will withstand the test of time and hopefully not end up in the Lego Belville Graveyard.

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6 Replies to “New Lego Friends Review – Heartlake or Heartache?”

  1. Just purchased 2 of these sets for my daughter and I must say that I am very pleased with mini-figures. They are less cumbersome than the original ones, a lot prettier and more appealing. The hair has a rubbery feel to it and it is very detailed and well styled.

    I hope Lego develop more sets to compliment this theme.

    The only negative thing I have to say about is that I can’t understand why the legs are rigid, Lego’s reasoning behind it?


  2. My daughter turns 7 tomorrow and all she wants for her birthday is Lego friends lego. She has an older brother who is lego obsessed and she often plays with his, so she is thrilled to finally have some that she can call her own. She is quite girly, so she is more than happy with the more detailed minifigs and softer colored lego pieces. I am thrilled that she too is now getting into Lego…I can’t think of a toy that is of better quality, encourages more creativity, and has stood the test of time!

  3. I am 32 years old and I love the Lego friends. My niece turned 4 this year and for her birthday all she asked for was the Lego friends. When I found them I was so excited, finally some Legos for girls. We both really enjoy the themes and spend quality time together building Heartlake City. Thank you Lego.

  4. I loved Legos as a kid and still have all of mine. I lamented that I didn’t have more bricks for things like houses. The Lego Friends line is literally and completely a dream come true.

    The sets use regular, versatile bricks- unlike a trend I see not only with girl’s lines in the past, but in several Lego toy lines where the set is built with so many specially shaped pieces that they can’t be used for anything else. Like, say, a spaceship built using just 2 giant discs with only a handful of bricks to add decoration. Lego Friends allows for imaginative building, as well as the city & character roleplaying I’ve always wanted to do (along with any number of young girls that do the same).

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