Why Folk Should Stop Punishing Kate McCann and Buy Her Book

I felt compelled to write this message as I am appalled by the many people out there who relentlessly gossip on social book marking sites – accusing the McCann’s of child neglect and heartlessly dismiss their desperate pleas for support because they feel that this couple deserve the living hell they are enduring, day in day out.
  • Is it honestly and rightfully justifiable to accuse this couple of being ‘deliberately neglectful’ and ‘selfish’ parents when they checked-in on their sleeping children every half-hour?
The McCann’s were having a meal with friends just (100 metres away) from where Madeleine and her twin siblings slept. Surely – neglectful parents would have not bothered to check on their off-spring at all? Whereas – the McCann’s did, and regularly.
It is so easy for us to say ‘I would never leave my child alone’ when something tragic has happened to a parent that did. When I was holidaying in Greece – I noted that some couples left their offspring in the apartment during the evening while they dined in the restaurant. If some opportunist had abducted or harmed one of their children while they ate – would this couple have warranted more sympathy than the McCann’s did?
  • Why can’t the Algarve holiday resort where they stayed take some of the responsibility?
Apparently – there had been five previous incidents where paedophiles on the Algarve had climbed into bed with holidaying children. I don’t suppose that such a thriving holiday destination such as Pra De Luz could offer any glint of a warning to unsuspecting parents? Obviously not – as this would have undoubtedly jeopardized their bookings.
Some folk have created social bookmarking groups which incite hate comments toward the McCann’s. (shame on you Facebook for allowing this and not responding to reported pages!). These Facebook gossipers have this warped idea that they are supporting Madeleine by expressing how disgusted they are with her parents. Surely – Madeleine would find such damning and negative comments against her mum and dad very upsetting – not to mention – emotionally damaging.
  • Stop nailing the McCann’s to the Cross
Kate and Gerry have to face every waking day with one of the most unthinkable questions plaguing their minds.  ‘Did a paedophile take Madeleine?’ Do you not think that this question alone – is punishment enough for them?  The maternal pain Kate suffers surrounding that question must be torturous, and for Gerry, is this not every dads worse nightmare?
So what is the point in any negative slanderous gossip toward the McCann’s? What purpose does it serve – but only to rob them of the support and sympathy they deserve from the public. Even if you do feel that they are guilty and responsible – then forgive them. If you don’t want offer anything positive to this couple – then don’t waste any energy on being negative as it is purely unproductive. Also – bear in mind that any negative comments directed at Kate and Gerry McCann’s could be detrimental to Madeleine’s brother and sister emotionally. Not much point in fighting Madeleine’s corner if you are potentially harming another 2 children in the process!
Thankfully – Kate and Gerry also have many loving supporters but the purpose of this article is a plea to ask people to think about the negative comments they are making and not get hooked into the witch-hunts surrounding this case.
  • Why you should buy Kate McCann’s book
There have been many negative responses surrounding the McCann’s intentions for this book. Some folk are accusing the McCann’s of raking in money by capitalising on their daughter’s disappearance, and others are saying that there is no point in buying it because they already know the case inside out.
  • Well – here are some very important and valid reasons why you should purchase this book.
  1. Every penny from the proceeds of the book will help fund an independent review of Madeleine’s case.
  2. Reading the book will give Kate a chance to put her side across and give you a deeper insight and understanding into how it was and is.

10 thoughts on “Why Folk Should Stop Punishing Kate McCann and Buy Her Book

  1. I can’t agree with this aricle more. People waste a lot of money on gossipy sleazy celebrity magazines – so why not put their money to a good cause?

    I hope that this book will bring postive outcomes for Kate McCann. She is a very brave lady indeed to share all her personal heartache on paper.

    No one should judge this lady negatively, but stick to what is important (finding maddy).

    I am reading the book and I am saddened how this couple have been treated so badly by so many heartless sceptics.

  2. Thumbs up to the author that had the guts to write this article.

    Let’s just stop pointing the finger, and concentrate on finding this little girl.

  3. It’s amazing how Daily Mail readers will donate a staggerering £340.000 for an elephant rescue park, but people will turn a blind eye to helping finding Maddy McCann.

  4. I have 4 young children and the actual thought of them being taken turns my stomach. I feel so hurt and so much pain for kate and gerry and most of all little maddie its so sad to think what is going on in her little inocent mind. I believe that maddie is alive and i am going to contribute and buy the book anything is worth finding maddie x god look over little maddie and protect her x

  5. Thank you so much to the Author of this article. You have said it all for me and, I feel for all of the McCann supporters. I pray that Madeleine will be reunited with her family, one day very soon.

  6. Bravo!! Kate and Gerry McCann have to deal with their torment every day, what can it be like not knowing where your daughter is or who she is with, it is enough to drive anyone insane. People who add to this torture with their nasty comments are cruel and need to think ‘what if it was me’

  7. This is a refreshing article. Yes lets stop sticking the boot in and do something more positive.

  8. Oh well there is always one isn’t there?

    Leave this family alone fgs.

    Bravo to the person who wrote this. You just said what a lot of people are thinking.

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