6 Reasons as To Why Not To Use MyHermes Courier Service

If you Google MyHermes you will come across thousands of complaints from customers that have been let down very badly and many have ended up out of pocket.


I have had 2 very bad experiences with them myself. Ask me why I took another chance with them after tearing my hair out with them the first time round, well I just don’t know, but absolute frustration yet again.

I booked a parcel pickup with them through Parcel2go.Com and waited in all day (Friday) and the courier never arrived. Grrr. .  and to my dismay there was no way of contacting them online or via telephone. The only option I was given on Parcel2go was to rebook another day and that was it!

Then I noticed that you can chat with their representatives on Parcel2go, so I proceeded to have my little rant with them. They looked into the pickup problem but I was not given any reasons for MyHermes failure to do their job properly. I was offered to rebook for the next day, so I thought to myself that it was unlikely that MyHermes were that incompetent and they would complete the job successfully.

The next day (Saturday), the sun was shining and I was hoping that the courier would come while it was still nice, but have a guess what? They did not show up again! 2 days sat around like a pratt, and not only that, I had the horrible task of informing the customer that their parcel had not even been sent out yet.

Oh . . . I forgot to mention – the first time I used MyHermes the courier picked up my parcel a day late then kept it at her house for 3 days instead of taking it to the main depot!

After my bad experience with myHermes, and by reading other customer complaints – I have come to the conclusion that this courier company could not offer a good; or even satisfactory customer service for the following reasons:

  1.  They employ local inexperienced drivers to pick up and deliver your parcels.
  2. The drivers are paid peanuts and therefore are not in a hurry to pick up your parcel and there have been numerous complaints about damaged contents in parcels
  3. If you read the small print your goods are not insured, so if your recipient receives a damaged item, then it is your responsibility to pay out a refund.
  4. You cannot ring or contact them directly; hence you are left in limbo, just scratching your head.
  5. MyHermes hide behind Parcel2go which are unaccountable as they are just acting as third party; hence who can you shout and rant at when it all goes wrong? Nobody – apart from your dog, cat, etc, or bang your own head against the wall!
  6. Parcel2go staff are highly brainwashed into rebooking your parcel pickup, and a refund is the last thing they want to give you.

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom as some customers have reported that they have never had a problem with MyHermes. From what I have read and researched, I assume that this is purely down to the competence of the local courier they have employed.

 Because some of them clearly don’t give a toss about your parcels.

If you do fall prey to MyHermes shoddy customer service, make sure you that you have something to thump into like a large pillow, because you will be left feeling extremely frustrated.

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