Accessories For My Sprint Evo 4G

The Sprint Evo 4G, codenamed Supersonic, is a smartphone manufactured by HTC Corporation. Powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor and employing the beloved Android operating system, the Sprint evo 4g has created a great deal of excitement, and a high level of anticipation. Now that it’s finally here, let’s examine the top five HTC Evo accessories available for your phone.

1 .Universal Touch Phone Stylus Pen

This stylus pen has been designed with materials especially for your Evo 4G. With its anti-oxidative metal and soft rubber, it’ll be easier than ever to interface with the touchscreen on your cell phone. It’s also lightweight, convenient, and simple. This one is red/black, but it is also offered in black, blue, grey, purple, yellow, and many, many more color options.

2. Jawbone PRIME Bluetooth headset

The most outstanding Bluetooth headset on the market, now specifically designed for your Sprint Evo 4G, actually separates voice sound from ambient sound to provide an unparalleled level of noise elimination. This one is in distinguished black, but the headset is also offered in green, grey, orange, purple, and red.

3. Screen Protectors

The Skinomi Techskin screen protector is the best way to guard your Evo 4G’s screen for the life of the pda phone. Developed from a similar film material used on NASA’s space shuttles, this is the clearest and strongest protector offered on the market. Moreover, unlike those one-size-fits-all LCD protectors, Skinomi has specially fitted this one to your handset.

4. Body Skins

Skinomi makes these fantastic full body protectors from the same incredible material they used to develop the Evo screen protectors. Completely fitted to your wireless phone, you’ll no longer have to worry about those scrapes and scuff marks. In addition, these skins have an interesting “self-healing” property that ensures the skin will last for as long as you own the cellular phone.

5. Powermat Portable Charging Mat

Are you tired of being a prisoner to charging your Evo 4G at home? Unbound yourself, and revolutionize the way you charge your cellular phone with Powermat’s deluxe, portable charging station. Charge up to 3 devices concurrently with connectors suitable for Micro-usb, mini-usb, apple and gaming devices, and so much more. This charging mat will probably be one of the best investments you ever make for your Evo 4G.

Well there you go, the top five accessories for your Sprint Evo 4G. That’s just for starters. Keep your eyes peeled for the next wave of marvelous Evo 4G accessories coming to Talkie Tech.

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