Can a CCNA Cisco Certification Really Prove Competence?

In the IT field, certifications are a minimum standard for system and network professionals and are requirements to have Human Resources consider you for employment. But does having a CCNA certification on your resume actually prove that you are more qualified than an individual who only has hands on experience? I believe it does. The Cisco certification exams are some of the toughest tests to pass.

The CCNA has a plethora of information contained that you must know in order to pass, and you must really be familiar with the workings of the Cisco IOS and networking systems in general. Studying and preparing yourself is the best way to make sure you can pass these exams. Classes are offered to help you get ready and information is available online at sites like tests live, which provide knowledge to help get you started.

A networking professional with a CCNA certification on their resume proves that they have an intense bank of knowledge associated with Cisco products. Information that they can use in critical thinking situations in order to be able to solve network problems for companies more efficiently. So, does a CCNA certification measure job competence? To a certain extent it does, it can’t guarantee that the individual is competent but proves that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to manage networking systems.

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