Can A Man’s Hair Resist Thinning?

Hair loss is a sensitive topic for most men. Most men do not accept the losing of their hair gracefully


In an effort to hide hair loss, some will do anything. There are those that will spend months in denial even as their hairs gets thinner. There are ways to minimize the effect hair loss can have on your life. Understand that you are not the only one with thinning hair and that it is okay to talk about it.

Hair loss for men is a troubling issue for several men who reach a certain age range. Many men spend a lot of time staring in a mirror, trying to find out if their hair is thinning. A select group of men don’t have to wonder about it, as it becomes more obvious everyday their scalp is showing. There are many options for facing the realization of hair loss. This article will discuss some of the options readily available to you.

It also lets you know what not to do if you realize you’re going bald. A common affect of aging for men is often hair loss. Some don’t have to deal with this until they are much older. Younger men can suffer from early onset thinning. However, some men don’t see any thinning until they are in their mid to late thirties. Remember, if you struggle with any of these issues, you are not alone.

The same struggle you are facing, is also being faced by plenty of other men. There have been many different ways invented or discovered to handle this common issue. If you want to take on men’s hair loss check out these tips. Nobody says that you have to take men’s hair loss sitting down. You have several options for dealing with your receding hairline. Lost hair doesn’t have to be gone forever as there are now ways to regain it. Because of continuing studies, it’s even possible to avoid losing your hair at all.

The important thing to remember, if you are staring at your rapidly emerging scalp in the mirror, is that you are not the only man who has to deal with this. Here are some suggestions for dealing with your hair loss. Hair loss among men is not an unusual thing for them to be exasperated at. By the time they enter their mid to late forties, most men will discover that their hair is thinning.

Some men notice it at a younger age. Some men won’t have to deal with it until later. Of course, there are some who never have to handle it. There are lots of ways to prevent and deal with your hair loss. Some methods can be so effortless they’ll shock you! This article will discuss some of the things you can do to delay the process once you have discovered you are started have hair loss.

Head shaving is one way some men have chosen to handle hair loss


Because hair loss can start at any age, some start shaving their heads when they are still boys. Choosing to shave your head is now an acceptable “hairstyle”. Of course, for a lot of men, the shaving of their heads is something of a shock. Adjusting to the new look may take a bit of time. Once you get used to the look, however, you will probably find that you enjoy the benefits of being bald: less time in the shower, not having to worry about hair products and not having to watch your hairline recede.

If you are seriously concerned about losing your hair, you can opt for hair replacement surgery. This can be a costly procedure and unfortunately does not always go well on all men. Hair replacement surgery is a bit overkill, so you should really only consider it if you have run out of alternatives. However, you shouldn’t wait too horribly long – nothing shouts “I had surgery” like waiting until you are partially bald and then going through with surgery and implanting a new head of hair onto your scalp. If this is the path you take, make sure you pay careful attention to how the doctor instructs in taking proper care of your implanted hair follicles.

Provillus is one of the more popular ways to deal with losing your hair



Provillus is a medication that you can take and that you apply topically to help combat hair loss. It is supposedly something that will help your scalp not only to continue growing natural hair but to re-start growing hair in the places on your head that have stopped “performing.” It is important to note that Provillus is not approved by the FDA for this.

It is advised that you speak with a doctor prior to using this product. A doctor is the safest bet in determining if this product will work for you. Spray on hair info commercials are late night TV fodder. The can this product comes in bears a strong resemblance to spray paint. You spray it on the back of your head (it looks like spray paint when it goes on) and then, within minutes, you are supposed to have a head full of thick and natural hair. Natural looking hair from a can raises some serious doubts.

What happens when your head gets wet, say in the shower or if you sweat? And how exactly does it “attach” to your head? The use of this product is not recommended because there are more questions than answers. Quit dyeing your hair. Hair dye is accepted among women but men are also familiar with that kind of bottle. Dyeing your hair too much can weaken it and make it too easy for your scalp to shed it. In truth, for some people who dye their hair too often, their hair can fall out altogether.

This is why you should learn how to be all right with your given hair color. If you have discovered the thinning of your hair, you shouldn’t pick up a dye bottle, but instead pick up some strengthening shampoo bottle or speak with your doctor. If shaving your head seems too drastic you can always opt to cover up your hair loss by wearing a hat. This is usually the first thing that men do when they notice that their hairlines are starting to recede. If this is your plan, it is important to buy a good hat.

You should look for one that will work in many different situations and places. You might even want to consider buying several different styles to cover your bases. Buy hats made with light weight material to maximize your head’s ability to breathe during wear. If your head isn’t able to breathe, it could end up smelling worse than sweaty feet.

The most common approach for coping with the loss of hair is to purchase a toupee or to wear a wig, in hopes of covering up the present state of your hair (or lack of). There are some very good toupees out there but they can be difficult to find. Don’t forget, when it comes to toupees, it is more beneficial to be entirely bald than trying to pull off an ugly wig. An unattractive hairpiece is far worse than being totally bald. And trust us when we share the knowledge with you that you’ll be able to recognize from other people’s reactions whether or not the toupee you bought was a good purchase.

Another option for reducing hair loss are herbal remedies. For example, a remedy used for years to encourage your scalp to grow hair has been Aloe Vera. It has been said that to encourage regrowth of hair lost and strengthen existing hair, you rub Aloe Vera gel into your hair and scalp nightly.

Many other herbal remedies are available for you to try. Remember, though, that herbal remedies are not usually FDA tested or approved so proceed with caution!

Because they are made with real hair, getting hair plugs is a more realistic option. When trying to deal with hair loss, this option is more logical as it uses real hair. Do research first, though, as not all scalps respond to the plugs the same way. Some men’s scalps take to the plugs with no issues. There are those that do have issues, however. Some have to deal with infections and other scalp conditions after their scalp rejects the plugs. Talk to your doctor and do your research before you choose this method of combating your hair loss.

Believe it or not, the type of brush or comb that you use can play a large role in your hair loss. Not all brushes and combs are created equally. The perfect brush will have to be decided upon, according to your hair type, the strength of it and the type of do you want to wear it in. The act of using a lackluster hairbrush could be a reason you are losing your hair. It could be that you are using a brush that is meant for hair that is stronger than you have. Or maybe for hair that is thicker than yours. Seek advice from your hair stylist or barber about the selection of combs or brushes you can choose from that will work well for your present hair type.

Wear your hair in a short hairstyle. It is counter intuitive to grow your hair long when you notice that you are starting to thin out on top. Hair loss is actually accentuated by a longer hairstyle. Shorter hairstyles require less time to maintain. A man dealing with hair loss will look more put together with a shorter hairstyle. And surprisingly, short hair will hide hair loss better. A hair comb over is one thing you should never consider even trying. The comb over is just pathetic. This may seem unkind, but think back to some of the balding men you knew while you were growing up. Don’t you think each one looked a bit funny when they made an attempt at the comb over?

There is not a single way that combing your hair from one side of your head to the other can appear to be natural hair growth. Doing this is abominable, in comparison to purchasing a pathetic wig. Plus, all you need is a tiny gust of wind for your comb over to be completely undone and make you look like an idiot. To encourage re-growth and strengthen your hair, some people swear by essential oils and aromatherapy. Specific essential oils are combined to create treatment options. Then you take the mixture and apply it to your head just a few minutes before you go to sleep. While you sleep, the essential oils are allowed to work by the warm towel that is wrapped around your head.

This method has not been proven to be effective. Great success has been achieved by some with this result, however some have seen no results. When it comes to hair loss, though, the simplest option is just to accept what is happening. Others have dealt with this issue and are currently dealing with it. This is an issue that has been dealt with by others before and it will continue to be an issue. Being bald shouldn’t drastically affect your success; many men have been successful and completely bald. Best advice: do what you can to look as good as you can while going through the process of losing your hair.

The people around you will respect your ability to accept what is. How stressed out are you? Is it hard for you to believe that your stress level can be a major factor in the rate of your hair loss? When you hear that you probably respond by saying “that only adds stress!” Get over yourself. In fact, try to relieve all your stress. The more time you have to relax, the smaller amount of hair you’ll lose. One of the questions the doctor will ask near the start of the appointment about your hair loss is “how high is your stress level?”

Try to be as calm as you can be! Hair loss is just one of those things most men will need deal with at some point. Being completely bald is something some men will be required to deal with. Still others will choose to go bald soon after losing their first hair to avoid the natural thinning process. Just remember, you are not alone in dealing with this issue. Most men are concerned about losing their hair and how they will cope with it.

Men’s hair loss can be an uncomfortable topic to have to cope with


It is no fun to have to see the other men in your life who have to deal with the issue of hair loss. It is much harder to face the reality of your own hair loss. Favorably, there are choices for battling with the looming baldness, in a handsome manner. There is no need for it to be terrifying. It might end up being one of the greatest things that has ever happened to you!

Multiple factors come into play in your decision making regarding which method to use to “take on” men’s hair loss. Your personal chemistry, hormones and your physical make-up will determine a lot. Be sure to take into account your current health as well.

Determine whether you prefer western or eastern medicine. However, the most important factor will be be how ready you are to accept that you are losing hair. Remember there is nothing that says you can’t resist your hair loss. There is only advice that you do what you can to make healthy choices.

Unless you resort to a comb over, men’s hair loss is not a laughing matter. Some men are traumatized to realize they are losing their hair. For lots of men, this is the worst part of getting older. But there are things you can do to cope with the loss of your hair. Deciding what is best for you will take some researching. Hair loss is a pretty large problem for a lot of men. A lot of men feel like they are losing their manliness when they think about hair loss. This is ridiculous and totally untrue.

There are scores of masculine men who are entirely bald but very attrractive indeed


Before you rush out to try each and every approach to the prevention of hair loss, you should consult with your physician. He or she may be able to help you choose the most appropriate manner for enduring your current rate of hair loss and how you can stall it from getting worse.

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