Can A Nutmeg Spray Help Back Pain?

A spray containing nutmeg has been found to relieve back pain as well as other ailments.

The spray – Nut-Med – produced after intensive research by Noelville Ltd, Grenada, West Indies, and in conjunction with pharmaceutical and medical professionals, works by providing an analgesic (numbing) effect to the area of pain by suppressing sensory preceptors.

The spray is very simple and convenient to use and has a very pleasant aroma. The oil contains both nutmeg and mace and it is these two ingredients combined that create the effective medicinal formula. The medicinal properties in Nut-med has been found to relieve sore, tight aching joints, muscle tension, pain associated with arthritis, inflammation, and back pain.

In some patients – the spray has been known to be effective for up to 6 hours, whereas some topical pain relievers can wear off very quickly. The oils from the spray deeply penetrate the skin and start working on the affected area. There is no residue from the oil, and it does not stain clothing.  It is resourced organically and is free of chemicals and artificial colouring.

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