Can Anti-perspirants Be Bad For My Health?

Your body sweats for a reason. It is a natural process designed to eliminate waste products from your skin. Contained in this fluid, which is secreted by the sweat glands, is salt (sodium chloride) and urea. Persepiring (sweating) is your body’s way of disposing of nitrogenous waste, and at the same time -regulating your body temperature. Also – the evaporation of sweat from the surface of your skin has a cooling effect on the body.

When you use an anit-perspirant, you prevent this natural body process from occuring, thus – inhibit the elimination process.



Chemicals can be absorbed through your skin


Anything that is applied to the skin can be absorbed into the body. For instance – Nicotine and hormone relacement therapy patches are a prime example. Complimentary medicines  from these patches are absorbed into the bloodstream, unfortunately – so are chemicals from anti-perspirants which can prove harmful. For example – Scientists are investigating a link between the use of deodrants and breast cancer. Deodrants and anti-perspirants can also contain aluminium, which has been linked to dementia, as aluminium has been located in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.

Chemical-free, aluminium-free  anti-perspirants


The safest way to use deodrants is to purchase chemical-free and aluminium-free ones from a good healthfood store. Read the list of ingredients – as they should state whether they are made of natural ingredients and also fee of aluminium.

Sources: The Natural Health Handbook for Women. Marilyn Glenville, PhD.

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