Can Aspartame Cause Graves Disease?

Aspartame consumtion can cause numerous health conditions

About these testimonials – These testimonials are excerpts from Dr. Janet Hull’s Health Forum. Dr. Hull has a Masters Degree in environmental science and a ph.D. in ‘Holistic Nutrition’ and has endured her own personal experience with aspartame poisoning. She was diagnosed with ‘Graves Disease’ in 1991, but through her education and understanding of ‘Toxicity’ she attributed her illness to aspartame consumption. After eradicating all aspartame from her diet – she cured herself of the disease and now dedicates her time to alerting other consumers to the dangers of Aspartame.


  • “Dear Dr. Hull – can anyone help me understand this aspartame poisoning thing. I have been having what I thought was some sort of circulation problem. I am 43 and 103 lbs. and I have been eating sugar free and diet sodas for a couple of years now. And I will admit that I do take in a lot of sweetener packs. (about 20 per day) I have problems with staying cold all the time and my hands and feet will go numb. I can’t get out in the cold much, because I can’t feel them. My Dr. called and told me yesterday that the blood tests I had showed nothing. He said I think you have aspartame poisoning. I am terrified to gain weight so I can’t imagine giving up all sugar free products…I had looked on a lot of things I eat and they have aspartame in the ingredients. I don’t really understand the danger of it i guess. What can it do if continued and does it just ‘Disappear’ out of your system if discontinued or does it leave problems behind?”
  • “Hi Dr. Hull, I just want to let you know what has gone on with me since I no longer use any aspartame I have been off all of it for 7 weeks now and I am starting to feel so must better. No leg problems, No bad headaches, No more dizziness, No more feeling bad.  I am so glad. I have been on this stuff for years and I did not know it was from aspartame.  Thank you for all your help”.
  • “Dear Dr. Hull, I had never been a fan of diet products, so when I tried the Atkins diet back in the fall of 1997, I was less than excited.  Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, diet everything.  The Atkins diet does not allow sugar, so I cut out all natural sweeteners and went to the artificial stuff.  Big . . big mistake!

    Within several weeks, I began having HORRIBLE panic attacks.  Four of them put me in the hospital.  I had EKG’s, a lung sweep, a blood gas taken, was given prednisone, antibiotics, anything the doctor’s could think of.  Basically no one knew what was wrong with me.  The attacks were paralyzing.  My knees would go weak, my heart rate would sky rocket, I’d feel faint.  Then came the depersonalization.  Everything felt dreamlike and surreal, as though it wasn’t really happening to me.  I couldn’t sleep.  I literally thought I was losing my mind.  I would cry and scream, forget where I was.  I lost my job because of it. I went to a psychologist who put me on Xanax and diagnosed me with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. And then one day I came across a website that explained much of what I was going through, and how there was a link to phenylalanine.  I was floored.  I started thinking about how I had inundated my body with this chemical after 22 years of ingesting natural sugars.  I immediately went off of the diet.  The panic stopped”.

  • “Hello Dr. Hull, I was a Diet Dr Pepper drinker, at least 6 cans a day.  I was feeling very tired lethargic, got kidney stones, etc etc.  Two years ago somebody told me the risks about aspartame and I tried to stop drinking the Dr Pepper.  I went one day and had such a bad headache and shakes that I decided to go get a soda, to my surprise I felt better.  That made me realize how addicting the aspartame actually is.  I then took steps over the next two weeks to wean  my self off of aspartame.   I feel so much better now.  I still have blurred vision which started when I was drinking the soda, but it seems to be getting better over time, not sure if that will ever return.  I do classes to teach people about diabetes, aspartame etc., I am so surprised at the amount of people that are unaware of the effects of aspartame.  My 10 year old daughter comes to me and asks me for aspartame.  NOT to eat of course but to KILL ants”.
  • “Dr. Hull, been off aspartame now since 7/10/09. Received an E-mail about it the 7/9/09. Was reading about all the problems it causes and it sounded like me. I’ve had problems with my knees for about a year.  The Dr. kept saying I had a little arthritis and I was aggravating it so he’d give me a shot.  I had itching without rash, irritability, depression, headaches, and weight gain, ect. Two days after no aspartame I was walking without a limp & pain in knee, no headaches, no acid reflex pills every day and my list goes on.  I don’t feel like I got one foot in the grave now. I really feel good.   All the money I’ve spent on going to the Dr.’s for help. If the President would get this poison off the market maybe people wouldn’t be going to the Dr. so much. Sweet poison is probably most the cause”.
  • “Dear Dr. Hull, This past Wednesday night I found your website and after reading much of it I believe you are saving my life. I am convinced I have aspartame poisoning. I am shocked to find at least 2 dozen symptoms coincident with your list. I am a 56 year old former teacher, now a librarian, who has been drinking diet coke, a store-brand variety, for many years (2 a day), and in the evening chew a pack of “Extra” peppermint gum instead of drinking or eating anything after dinner. In the past I’ve been relatively healthy, active, eat carefully and am absolutely not overweight, suffering only from seasonal allergies. In the past 3 months or so I have noticed so many changes: swollen eyes, blurred vision, light and noise sensitive, tinnitus, dizziness, confusion, anxiety/panic, palpitations, heavy chest, insomnia, pain in my face, terrible headaches and more.  I thought this might be what my old allergist had labelled as tension-fatigue syndrome, from a possible onslaught of seasonal allergies and mould, what he had treated me for years ago. So, my now primary care physician had prescribed 2 nasal sprays and told me to take Advil. When that didn’t help he sent me for a CT Scan to look for tumours: It has come back negative and my sinuses are actually clear! I’m to see an ENT a week from now. I kept thinking, why is this happening to me now? What is different about this summer than others? In my environment nothing had changed. So why did I need the 2 nasal sprays. The only thing I’ve changed is my soda – I switched from the store brand as the taste had changed to name-brand diet Coke, and I was drinking more of it and into the evening and chewing more gum as well. I had thought that the nasal sprays were making me dry and I was more thirsty. So I looked at the labels of everything I’d been ingesting: The ingredient that popped out at me was aspartame. It was even in the yogurt I’d been eating recently. I went on-line to read about aspartame and found your website. I was shocked! For someone who is generally informed about many things, I was clueless about this aspartame danger! Needless to say, I poured out the diet coke, threw out the pack of gum. Then I went on our library website and requested a copy of your book ‘Sweet Poison’. I’ve read the whole thing and am more than angry by this outrageous fraud against so many innocents: uninformed consumers like me, children, and those yet to be born. I am well aware of corporate greed, but this is the worst of the worst. Thank you for all you have done to educate the public so far. I am feeling a little better after 4 days of not ingesting aspartame, but I believe I’ve a long way to go to feel really healthy again. Last night was the first time in a month when I didn’t awaken every two hours with a clenched face and massive headache! I am looking forward to the day when I am symptom-free and will do anything I can to help educate others about this ‘Sweet Poison”.

For more information on aspartame or to share your experiences concerning aspartame visit:   Dr Janet Starr Hull 

Dr. Janet Starr Hull



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2 Replies to “Can Aspartame Cause Graves Disease?”

  1. Hi, I found out about the dangers of aspartame by accident & am so glad I did – thank you!

    I googled dry eyes & found a link about Aspartame dangers

    My story: I started drinking those Crystal Light packets about 2 months ago. My 1st symptom landed me at the eye doctor. I am a contact lens wearer & started having trouble wearing them, in fact I scratched my cornea taking them out because my eyes were so dry. I developed extremely dry irritated eyes – something Ive never had before!
    My other symptoms were extreme anxiety & panic attacks. Im an anxious person by nature, but this time it was very different! I felt like I was dying! In hindsight I can say that the anxiety would come on shortly after drinking the crystal light & stay all day! My dry eyes were somthing I was learning to live with & considered going back to my glasses!

    I havent had anything with aspartame in the past 24 hours & I already feel better. My eyes are not dry at all & the anxiety is gone!

    Im glad I only drank this stuff for 2 months & not years! I hope that the aspartame will leave my body & not leave behind any long term problems??

    Thanks so much for your website!

  2. Thank you for posting this informative comment – testimonials are valuable to other readers.

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