Can ATOS Please Stop Conning Mental Health & Autistic Claimants?

It’s shocking to find that ATOS are still assessing vulnerable people unfairly.


The interview process they use to assess claimants with developmental and mental health conditions is deliberately rigged to acheive a low or 0 score. Despite all the criticism and negative press surrounding suicides and vulnerable people left to fend for themselves, Atos still use a set of questions which is primarily tailored for the physically disabled.

The ATOS assessors calI themselves ‘Disability Analysts’ and are supposedly medical professionals yet they never analyse a claimants symptoms in-depth. In fact the questions they ask are very vague or require a YES or NO answer. It’s obviously a tactiful way of not blowing their cover because elaborating on the questions would unearth the true extent of a claimants illness. Apparently ATOS assessors don’t make the final decision but whatever they do jot down will influence the outcome. As far as I’m aware from publicised whistleblowers they are trained to rig the answers so only a fraction of claimants will pass the assessments. This must be a tactic they are employing because thousands of claimants have scored low to zero points despite having acute mental health problems.

There needs to be a complete reform for assessing claimants with mental health and developmental problems!

The assessment process is totally inadequate for people with a mental health/development condition and no way addresses the complex debilitating symptoms they suffer.

People with autism and mental health issues are easily exploited by ATOS because they have difficulty answering questions. This puts them at a great disadavantage but ATOS don’t like to allow someone else to speak for them on their behalf. Developmental and mental health issues are hidden conditions. Therefore ATOS should have a duty of care to ensure that the questions asked are tailored to dig deeper and examine the truth instead of trying to cover it up.




Vulnerable claimants should have someone to speak for them on their behalf at ATOS assessments. For instance, someone with autism may say yes to every question because their mind is fixated on something else.  Or they may not understand the questions because they are not concrete enough. Worse still, they can’t identify those tricky sneaky questions where ATOS dupe claimants into giving a zero point answer. I.e. Assessor: Are you able to cope with changes in daily routine? Claimant: No. Assessor: But you’re OK here, now?. Claimant: Yes. The assessor writes in the notes ‘claimant doesn’t appear anxious’… and assumes that unfamiliar places are not that much of an issue. Now – if that Assessor is trained in Autism he or she will know damn well that people with autism can vary day-to-day or by even by the hour with anxiety. Someone with autism is unlikely to tell the assessor that they had a meltdown or have been up all night fretting about the assessment.

It’s very clear that very vunerable people are failed by ATOS. It’s incredible that these so called professionals are being so blatantly deceitful and neglectful.

Please do leave a comment and share your experiences concerning ATOS assessments. Plus tips on how to survive an interview with them.



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4 Replies to “Can ATOS Please Stop Conning Mental Health & Autistic Claimants?”

  1. ATOS won’t allow the assessment reform because too many claimants will be put through then. Less money in the Tory pot. My adult son is on the autistic spectrum and he’s had 3 horribly anxious interviews with them. More to come I’m sure! Autism is for life so there shouldn’t be any repeated assessments. It’s stressful for caregivers as well. I live in dread waiting for the next ATOS letter coming through the letterbox. God knows what will happen to these vulnerable people when their parents have passed. A sickening thought.

  2. ATOS won’t acknowledge that Aspergers is a lifetime long development disorder. It’s treated as a silent condition and therefore extremely difficult to pass many of the ATOS assessment questions which incidently are rigged towards physical disabilities. The DWP need to create assessment questions based on a person’s condition rather than dump them all in the same basket. The current scoring system is rigged to generate a large percentage of assessment failures. It’s a game of lottery!

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