Can I Stop Bailiffs Forcing Entry?

No – not legally, unless it is in connection with ‘Inland Revenue’ (taxes)

as bailiffs can obtain a warrant to force entry, however this would be an exception and only occurs very rarely.

In all other circumstances – bailiffs only have a right to ‘peaceful entry’. This means that they can only enter your property if you have not obstructed their entry.

For instance – They can only enter under the following conditions:

  • You are not physically preventing them
  • They can enter by means of an open door or window or climb a fence

They cannot enter under the following conditions:

  • Physically force you out of the way
  • Break down a door, fence, or gate, or smash a window

What most people do not realise is that – ‘YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LET BAILIFFS IN OR ON YOUR PROPERTY’. Even if they are accompanied by the police!

If Bailiffs cannot obtain payment through seizing your personal property to the value of the money owed – they are likely to apply to a magistrate court.

Note: If the Bailiffs visit is in connection with unpaid council tax, child maintenance, or court fines, it is best that you do not ignore these as it could eventually lead to imprisonment

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  1. This information is very interesting as I did not realise my legal rights concerning this. I will bear this in mind for future reference.

    Great, Thanks!

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