Can Bing Produce Better Searches Than Google?

Well, firstly Bing is not to be confused with a conventional ‘search engine’, as it’s sophisticated search tools go well with Microsoft’s choice of calling it a  ‘decision engine’


If you do some comparison searches for the same keyword in both Bing and Google – you will more or less get the same results. The difference with Bing is that Microsoft have added some tools which makes for intelligent searches, for example:

A most clever tool is the ‘Quick Preview’ a bubble which gives a brief preview of the listed results – simply hover over the rsults and click to the right side of the results to see a  the pop-up, this saves you clicking useless and unrelated web pages and saves you time.

Brief summary of webpage (right column)
Bing sports a useful set of navigation and search tools such as an ‘Explore Pane’ to the left side of  your page results, it is called Web Groups


which not only organizes search results in the pane but also in the actual page results. Directly below this is a set of ‘Related Searches’ which – at a quick glance could save you not only having to add more keywords to refine your results, but you will pleasingly find that the ‘Related Searches’ are a good match.

Web groups and related searches panel

Overall – I think that Bing definately deserves a good ranking in the ‘search engine’ market because Microsoft have most certainly produced a new and  intelligent way of surfing the web. I predict that it’s useful search tools will give it the edge in the future.

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3 Replies to “Can Bing Produce Better Searches Than Google?”

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  2. Yes, Bing has some cool new tools, but the claim that they come up with “more or less” the same results is way off from my experience.
    I have an unusual name. As far as I know, only one other person shares that name, a distant relative. So, I just did a search for myself “Lynn McColley” Google says there are 14 thousand references to my name, Bing finds just 6 thousand.
    But Bing pulls up first page results that include lame commercial sites trying to sell you information: a Classmates listing showing people who went to the same schools I did (at vastly different times) and a profile page where everything says “not available”.
    But the kicker is that I have a url shortener on a domain: There is no content there and my name is listed only once. This page is in the top 10 – above my business site which has decent pagerank and lots of incoming links.
    Do the same thing with yourself if you have any web presence and see if you think it returns the most important references to you.

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