Can Blocked Veins Cause Multiple Sclerosis?

Dr Paolo Zamboni, a professor at the University of Ferrara, Italy, started investigating Multiple Sclerosis after his wife developed the disease


During examining MS patients with ultrasound –he discovered that most of them had veins (stemming from the brain) that showed signs of narrowing, twisting and blockage. From this he theorised that the blockages were possibly letting iron from the blood to leak into brain tissue – consequently causing damage.



Dr Zamboni coined the term ‘Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency’ (CCSVI)

He figured that – by clearing blockages in main veins in the neck may assist in the reversal of MS symptoms. To clear the blocked veins he used the medical technique ‘Angioplasty’. This involves the insertion of tiny balloon into the blocked vein and inflated to widen the blood vessel. Dr Zamboni has carried this technique out on sixty five patients (including his wife – who is now symptom free).

Although Dr Zamboni’s findings has had some good results  – his theory is controversial and critics – such as ‘Dr Susan Kohlaas’ MS Society, UK, does not accept that blocked veins from the brain are specific to the disease MS or a causal factor. Previous MS research points to the lack of ‘vitamin D’, and the hormone ‘prolactin’, as well as ‘mercury fillings’. CCSVI has now also been listed as a possible cause.

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