Can Celebrities Easily Sell Books?

I wonder if anybody else gets as annoyed as I do when I see autobiographies or cooking books on the best sellers list that was “written” by some celebrity or pop musician. I understand that their popularity in other entertainment realms tends to bleed over into literature, but this is an unfortunate trend.

Reading should be done to enrich one’s mind, to introduce a person to different experiences and cultures that they would otherwise not have access to. I know to a certain extent that is what these celebrity books can offer, but they just have become far too popular and are threatening to completely stifle real literature, which ends up getting buried far beneath the piles and piles of garbage.

Many times a celebrity book offers no real substance at all because it just feeds upon the fame of the author


Plus theur agents assume people will buy it just because a famous person’s face or name is on the cover. These types of books should be struck from being named to the best seller’s list and receiving even more publicity because there are actual works of literary art that get pushed down the list and do not get properly recognized or exposed because the celebrity biographies take up the first couple of spots for weeks on end in some cases.

It is certainly unfortunate when books that are written for the sole purpose of selling books and making money become the most popular books in the country


Books should be written to reach another person and tell an important and beautiful story about the human spirit and the human experience. For those actually interested in literature though, it is easier than ever to find great and highly acclaimed novels, so for now the art of storytelling is still safe.

Do you agree? 

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