Can Certain Types of Foods Supress the Immune System?

Some foods can indeed depress the immune system. This problem arises when your body does not possess sufficient numbers of antibodies to destroy antigens. Hence you get an allergic reaction when you eat a certain type of food.


The cause of insufficient numbers of antibodies is due to the lack of development of the immune system, and the culprit for this is thought to be our dependence on refined foods. So dietary and nutritional measures are needed to help the immune system to develop properly and boost the level of antibodies that help destroy allergens without giving rise to symptoms, as well as reduce their severity.

 Some Common Foods to Avoid that Can Supress Immune System :


Dairy Products: Reduce the amount of dairy products you consume; milk in particular, during the spring and summer because they increase the body’s ability to produce mucus and catarrh. This measure is recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners who believe that many chronic diseases are worsened by an unbalanced diet and that an access of dairy products creates an imbalance between the three basic forces that control the functioning of the body and maintain the ‘prana’ life-force.

Sugar and Wheat: Grass pollens come from the same botanical family as sugar and wheat, so it is worthwhile cutting down on them in your diet if you suffer from hayfever.

Refined Carbohydrates: Research has shown that these depress the immune system within an hour of being eaten. White bread, sweets, cakes and chocolate are all refined carbohydrates.

Animal Fats: The effects of animal fats on the immune system are not certain, but it is thought that a diet high in them can reduce the system’s efficiency.

 Other Immune System Supressors:


There are many reasons as to why you should not smoke and why you should avoid alcohol, and caring for your immune system is one of them. Alcohol and smoking deplete the body’s store of B vitamins and Zinc, both of which are vital if the immune system is to function properly. And alcohol’s effect on the liver inhibits the production of a chemical that helps breaks down histamine, so if you drink alcohol your symptoms are likely to persist for longer.

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