Can Chemoembolization Help Mesothelioma Patients?

Chemoembolization treatment is more effective as it allows a far higher concentration of anti-cancer drugs (20 times higher than conventional chemotherapy drugs)


The cancer treatment is in direct contact with the tumour for a longer duration. It works best in patients where the tumour is more localised. The treatment was pioneered by Professor Thomas Vogl, and his clinic is in Germany. Many patients who have been treated by professor Vogl for mesothelioma have had positive outcomes such as improved life quality and prolonged life.

What is chemoembolization?

Chemoembolization is a procedure where a tube is put into the femoral artery in the groin and fed up to the vein supplying blood to the tumour


A mixture of chemotherapy drugs are injected directly into the vein. In addition to this a synthetic material called an embolic agent is added inside the blood vessels that supply blood to the tumor. This in traps the chemotherapy within the tumor, and temporarily shuts off the blood supply to that part of the cancer and starves it of oxygen, hence – the chemotherapy drugs are more concentrated on damaging cancer cells and inhibitiing  cancer formation.

Chemoembolization treatment for mesothelioma is not currently available in the UK, but it is used in the treatment of liver cancer.

Profesor Thomas Vogl


Johann Wolfgang Goethe
University Clinic (23c)
Theodor Stern Kai 7
Frankfurt am Main

Tel : 00496963017277
Email :

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4 Replies to “Can Chemoembolization Help Mesothelioma Patients?”

  1. My name is cher whelan and i live in Australia with my husband Neil Bright . We have been to Germany for treatment. I have Mesothelioma, the treatment i had was CHEMOEMBOLIZATION. AND LITT LAZER INDUCED THERMAL THEARTY and i am so happy Prof Volg has saved my life I am very well feeling fantastic no pain just enjoying life to the fullest thank you Prof Vogl so much the treatment is the best thing that has happened for all Meso victims

  2. I have also had chemoembolisation for pleural mesothelioma. My last treatment was December 2008, since then I have had a slight progression as the disease was stable. I returned to Frankfurt in Jan 2011 for a 7th treatment and am hoping this has reduced my mesothelioma as much as the previous treatment. Prof Vogl and his team managed to reduce the main bulk by 83%. I would like this treatment offered to mesothelioma patients in the UK , USA, Australia and world wide.
    Patients deserve more!!

  3. Can we ever see this being allowed in the UK or at least have NHS funding to pay for the treatment in Germany
    The Chemo we have in the UK costs the same so could trials begin here please.

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