Can Chemoembolization Offer Hope To Mesothelioma Patients?

Chemoembolization is a medical procedure used predominantly in the treatment of liver cancer. 

The treatment is more effective as it allows a far higher concentration of anti-cancer drugs (20 times higher than conventional chemotherapy drugs) in direct contact with the tumour for a longer duration. It works best in patients in where the tumour is more localised.

In 2006 a UK resident ‘Debbie Brewer’ age 47 (below) was diagnosed with mesothelioma – a rare type of cancer that is predominantly caused by exposure to asbestos. Her prognosis was bleak as she was told that she had between 6 and 9 months to live. Debbie looked in to alternative treatments and went to visit Harley Street cancer specialist ‘Dr. Etienne Callebout’. Dr. Callebout is one of the finest ‘alternative cancer treatment’ specialists – and cancer patients often turn to him when conventional treatment has proved little hope.

Debbie Brewer

Dr. Callebout offered Debbie valuable advice regarding nutrition and also informed her about Professor Thomas Vogl. Professor Vogl is head of the ‘Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, J.W. Goethe University Hospital, Frankfurt, Germany. He pioneered a clinical trial to test whether chemoembolization would treat mesothelioma tumours and the results were promising.

Debbie made an appointment to see Professor Vogl in Germany and he agreed that she was a good candidate for chemoembolization treatment. After several treatments – Debbie’s tumour shrunk by 80%, not only prolonging her life but she is hopeful that she is now in full remission. Despite her personal battle with mesothelioma – Debbie has shown much gratitude and enthusiasm regarding Professor Vogl’s treatment by highlighting his pioneering treatment and bringing new hope to others. In 2009 Debbie launched a petition asking the UK government that chemoembolization clinical trials would be available to mesothelioma patients in the UK.

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