Can Chihuahuas Give Birth Naturally?

Chihuahuas do have a tendency to have problems during birth and have a higher rate of emergency Caesarean-sections compared with other dogs.

Some larger Chihuahuas can give birth without any medical intervention. Birth problems will depend on the size of the dog and also on the size of her mate. When considering breeding a very small Chihuahua – the most important step to take is to mate her with a much smaller male. Although he may be small, you will also need to find out how small his parents/grandparents were as they could have been on the large size – hence their size could come through the genes. The more history you have regarding the mum and the prospective dad – the better. For instance – if both dogs involved come from generations of small dogs then you can be confident that the pup will be small.

Chihuahua mum & pups

When breeding a small dog it is important that your veterinary practice is involved.

Dogs have gestation periods of around 58 to 64 days. After 45 days, you could ask your veterinary surgeon for an x-ray taken to see how many puppies she is expecting. The vet may also be able to determine the size of the pups and this will give an indication as to whether any birth problems could arise.

What to expect when your chihuahua is giving birth.

Important things first – Make sure you have the number of your vet or a local emergency clinic that is prepared to perform an emergency Caesarean, C section. As the time of birth approaches, your Chihuahua will usually nest (spend more time in her bed) and possibly seek out an isolated, quiet and private area.

As a general rule expect one pup every 45-60 minutes with 10-30 minutes of hard straining. If she has been straining hard for much longer than this, i.e. over an hour, or if she takes longer than a four-hour break, and you are certain more pups are present, then consult your veterinarian for advice. As the pups arrive – Help by cleaning their airways then immediately place them back with their mum for nursing. Seek immediate veterinary intervention if there is a foetus stuck in the birth canal or the mother is in pain or distress.

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4 Replies to “Can Chihuahuas Give Birth Naturally?”

  1. in some cases Yes! there is alot that could be said on the matter,but i wont put it all hear what i will say is my 5 pound chihuahua has given birth natually twice the onley intervention being that i helped clear there airways and cut there cords . besides that she did every thing herself . i dont want ppl to think that any chihuahua in any situation can birth naturally. but many can! my chihuahua is two years old she had babies with my 10 pound Chinese crested twice and both births were successful. so to anyone who is reading this Chihuahuas can give birth naturally evan when the conditions are not ideal

  2. I have a 6lb chihuahua that is pregnant buy a 10 pound chihuahua she is an apple head and he is a deer head is natural birth likey or will she need c-section ?

  3. As a rule of thumb – it is better for the male to be the same size or smaller than the female. If the male is larger, it is better if he is not be any larger than (35% more body weight) than the female ( i..e. a 6lb female and a 8lb male will be a better match) or she may have problems delivering the puppies naturally and need a C Section.

    The best thing to do is go to the vets for advice. They may peform a scan to get an idea of the size of the puppies (depending on many days pregnant she), and advice you regarding the safety of delivering the puppies naturally.


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