Can Chocolate Cause Acne?

A lot of teenagers are told that eating lots of sugary foods or chocolate will cause acne

…or make their acne worse, but there is no scientific evidence to support this theory

Acne is predominantly caused by overactivity of the ‘sebaceous glands’ the glands  secrete an oily substances on  your skin. A build-up of oil can emerge in the hair follicles which creates an ideal environment for the bacterium  ‘Propionibacterium’ to grow. Generally – these bacteria usually live harmlessly on your skin but if the conditions are right, they flourish. At the same time – dead skin cells cannot be shed effectively and clog up hair follicles, thus leading to spots.

Some people believe that by squeezing the pimple or spot, will speed up the healing process

but doing so will increase the risk of  an infection that can spread. Infection causes an inflammatory response, and cysts can develop beneath the skin’s surface.

Do not pick or squeeze spots

Squeezing the pimple or spot (especially cystic spots) may not only cause an outbreak of more pimples, but it can also lead to permanent pits (holes in your skin) and scarring. If you are prone to acne and have very oily skin – the best way to treat your acne is to try and prevent an excess of oil from building up on your skin. You can do this by washing twice a day with a face wash that is specially formulated for oily-prone skin. Moreover – a balanced healthy diet will promote a healthy immune system thus help your body to fight off any inflammation.

Note: If your acne is severe and you notice pits or scarring forming – visit your GP as you may need a course of anti-biotics to keep your acne under control.

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