Can Cranberries Help To Treat Cystitis?

Cranberry has been proven to significantly reduce bacteria associated with urinary tract infections


Originally – health professionals thought that cranberry juice reduced cystitis symptoms by turning the urine more acidic, however- it was realised that this theory would not prove effective as it is the acidic in the urine that accounts for the burning sensation.



Cranberry is good for urinary tract infections as it contains ‘condensed tannins’


Condensed tannins prevent bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. Urine infections occur when bacteria (such as (E.coli) stick to the ‘mucosal membrane lining’, (tract walls). If bacteria are unable to stick to the tract walls – then they cannot multiply and flushed out during urination. If you regularly suffer from cystitis then eating cranberries as part of your healthy diet routine is worth consideration.

Don’t be fooled by sweetened cranberry juice

Drinking cranberry juice containing sugar will not help your cystitis. Sugar reduces a natural process called ‘phagocytosis’ where white blood cells engulf bacteria and foreign bodies. Sugar can also promote the growth of candida which in turn can lead to cystitis. If you are not keen on eating fresh cranberries then you can by them in supplement form.

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