Can Dogs and Cats Donate Blood?

Cats and dogs need emergency blood transfusions just like humans do

Dogs and cats have become like family members and vets are doing far more complex surgery on animals as owners will do anything possible they can to keep their pet alive even if it means dipping into their life savings or re-mortgaging their house.

Fact: Prior to animal blood banks some vets used their own pets as blood donors.

A switch in legislation in October 2005 made it possible for vets to store pet blood. The first animal blood donor organisation in the UK was set up by Pet Blood Bank UK (PBBUK). It is a non profit charity which provides canine (dog) blood nationally, and it is supported by vets. The organisation is also in the process of setting up a feline (cat) donor blood bank.

Dog Blood Donors At PBBUK

It is important for pet owners to consider their dog as a potential blood donor as their dog could need life-saving blood at some time in their life. Knowing that you may be saving the life of another dog can also be very rewarding and just one blood donation could help the lives of up to 4 animals.

Your dog will be a most welcome blood donor if he or she meets the following criteria:

  • Has a good temperament
  • Age 1-8
  • Weighs at least 25 kilos or more
  • Fit and Healthy
  • Not travelled abroad
  • Had up-to-date vaccinations.

If you are interested in your dog becoming a donor contact PBBuk on 01509 232222 or 0844 8009925. 

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