Can Dreams Offer Deep Meaning & Insight?

Most people think that dreams are not important at all, or that they could have a certain psychological importance


But they don’t believe that dream interpretation is an occupation that deserves their time. If they knew how really important dreams are, they would abandon other activities that don’t help them in any way, or that cannot help them as much as dream interpretation, and start immediately studying the meaning of their dreams.

Dreams are secret messages sent to your conscience by the unconscious mind


Which works like a natural doctor, protecting you from the absurd side of your conscience, which is wild, and didn’t pass through the process of transformation that your human side did.

You have to learn how to translate the dream messages indispensably, because you inherit this dangerous enemy in your brain.

Besides that, you are too ignorant, and in fact an idiot, since you use only a tiny portion of your brain on your behalf. The biggest part of your brain belongs to your untamed evil side, that must be transformed if you want to live peacefully and happily.

Don’t be like the people that don’t look for the meaning of the precious messages they receive in their dreams


Their translation represents the beginning of a new life for you!

Many people that cared about the meaning of their dreams have already found their peace of mind, their mental health and happiness, by instantly translating their meaning thanks to my method of dream translation, which is derived from the complicated method of dream interpretation discovered by the psychiatrist Carl Jung.

I have simplified and clarified everything for you, after continuing his research and discovering a lot more.

My students and patients are now helping other people, and translating their dreams for them, because they have become professional dream translators like me.

Once you learn how to do it, it becomes as simple as speaking, for example Spanish, supposing that your mother tongue is English.

You simply learn how to immediately find the most important parts of each dream by finding the main dream symbols. You practically translate the dream, only by translating the meaning of the basic symbols, which is given to you when you study the dream language. Then you complete the missing parts, depending on the dreamer’s biography and on the dream’s context.

I’m seeing today the result of the dream therapy I have provided to many internet users since the beginning of 2007, and it is really much better than what I had expected.

Now that many people have already learned how to easily translate their dreams using my method, I can gladly tell you that you won’t find it difficult at all.

I can even tell you that I have many patients and students that have great difficulty in learning whatever subject, because they suffer from grave mental illnesses, and their memory is very poor. But even they have easily learned how to translate their dreams!

Now, imagine how much simpler it will be for you to learn the dream language if your problem is quite banal, and it can easily be solved.

The knowledge you acquire by being able to translate the meaning of your dreams is a precious advantage you’ll have for life, which will also help you become more intelligent and mature. Why should you waste it, like the indifferent people who ignore the value of the dream messages?

The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation – Christina Sponias.
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