Can Eating Beans Help Control Blood Sugar Levels?

One of the most effective ways to control blood sugar levels naturally is to eat a diet rich in fibre. One of the best sources of fibre is beans. High-fibre foods take longer to break down, thus releasing glucose into your blood more slowly . This provides a steady amount of energy rather than the huge flood of glucose you would get when you eat sugary and refined foods. If you are diabetic – eating a high fibre diet is important for your health. Eating high fibre will help you to control your blood sugar more effectively and prevent  fluctuating blood glucose levels.


Mixed Beans

Include 20-35 grams ( approx 1/2 cup) of the following beans in your diet a day:

  • Baked beans,
  • Black beans,
  • Great northern beans,
  • Kidney beans,
  • Garbanzos,
  • Pinto beans,
  • White beans


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