Can Eating Too Much Nutmeg Be Fatal?

Nutmeg has many medicinal properties but consuming large quantities can have unwanted side-effects.

This is due to ‘myristicin’ a compound within Nutmeg which not only possesses narcotic effects – but can also be toxic.

Nutmeg should only be used for culinary purposes – such as adding it fresh or ground according to the recipe to add flavour.

Several years ago 4 people were hospitalized when a Swedish magazine published a recipe containing Nutmeg. The recipe stated that it required 20 whole Nutmegs instead of 20 pinches!
Some of the worst side-effects of an overdose of Nutmeg include: violent nausea, liver damage, hallucinations, and convulsions

What is considered to be a safe amount of Nutmeg?

Nutmeg – as an ingredient in recipes is often referred to as a pinch, pinches or a small amount measured on a teaspoon, such as ¼ of a teaspoon. An overdose is likely if an unsuspecting individual who isn’t aware of the dangers of Nutmeg consumes 1-3 whole kernel. Just 1 whole nutmeg kernel is the equivalent of 2 – 3 teaspoons of ground nutmeg!

Do Not use Nutmeg to achieve a Cannabis –like High!

If you try to get high by snorting Nutmeg – you will only end up with very unpleasant influenza – type symptoms which will last for approximately 2 days.
There have been 2 recorded deaths from Nutmeg poisoning. An 8 year-old boy that ingested 2 whole nutmeg kernels and a post-mortem concluded that a 55 year-old woman that had died had high levels of the compound ‘myristicin’ (contained in Nutmegs) in her blood.

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One Reply to “Can Eating Too Much Nutmeg Be Fatal?”

  1. You can’t die from nutmeg. Eat 3 whole nutmegs, its a pleasant high, music sounds better, perception of space is distorted(your walking forward and it feels like your walking on the wall forward against the ceiling), it makes music sound alot better, and it makes u feel good in general. Eating more than 8 nutmegs will cause psychosis, eating more than 13 nutmegs will be lethal.

    I used to eat the grind-ed nutmeg, or the powdered one but it was allways so hard to swallow it, because of the texture, it irritates ur throat and makes u gag so i just swallowed the fucker whole and its a kool, longlasting high.

    Never smoked it though, even if you would smoke it you wont get holes in your lungs, smoking a nutmeg joint is as harmful as smoking a cigarette. But i prefer eating it because it lasts longer(about 3 hours rising, 4 hours peak and 6 hours comedown) and its more mellow. While smoking it hits u hard and fast(instant peak, lasts about 2 hours, then a 1,5-2,5 hour comedown) and doesnt last as long.

    The point is, cocaine is bad, heroin is bad, opium is bad, lsd is bad, methamphetamines are bad, exstazy is bad, crack is bad, painkillers are bad(synthetic opiates,oxycodone,benzodiaepans,ketamine etc.), and anything else processed will be bad for you.

    But, marihuana(weed), mushrooms(psylocibin mushrooms(magic mushrooms) and amanita muscaria(fly agaric, red shroom with white spots)), numeg, peyote(cactus), dimethytryptamine(ayahusca tea), mescaline(cactus) are not bad for you because they are natural. Anything that you can’t find in nature and simply eat and it will make you high, is bad for you.

    And last, but not least. Be very careful with datura. Eating too much datura will be lethal, not because datura is lethal, but because it soaks up the water in your body, and since you’re high for hours, you don’t drink because you’re in another world. Thus, you can die from dehydration. The drug doesn’t kill you, but the lack of water that datura causes, can kill you. So take it slow, and find your dose by upping it, slowly. Don’t be a dumbass and overdose. Don’t make drugs look bad just because you don’t know how to use them safely.

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