Can Facebook Dominate The Internet?

The leading social-networking site Facebook boasts some 400 million users and scooped up a massive 185 percent increase in visitors in 2009!


And according to tracking firm comScore Facebook became the most visited website last week (March 2010) in the USA.


Does this mean that Facebook has surpassed the biggest search engine giant ‘Google’?

Although it looks like Facebook has outshone  – the tracking results from comScore has not taken into account Google’s other sites such as the ever growing ‘Gmail email service’, Mega popular ‘YouTube’ and ‘Google Maps’…etc.

2016: Robin Hicks

In fact Google is 166% times bigger than the 2nd giant media company – Walt Disney, with media revenues that have accelerated by 17% year on year – There worth is a whopping $60bn.

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