Can Fasting Reduce The risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes?

A recent health study has concluded that fasting for at least 24 hours can have significant health benefits.



The 200 participants in the study were Mormons as they regularly fasted as part of their religion. During the time their health was monitored – they did not eat for a whole day and only drank water, and a subsequent test was carried out during non-fasting to compare results.


The study – carried out by the American College of cardiology revealed that fasting resulted in an increase in growth hormones – which speeds up metabolism and help to burn off fat.

Excess fat can cause clogged arteries and subsequently can lead to heart disease and type 2 Diabetes.

Further studies are underway to establish the long-term health benefits of fasting and whether it should be recommended by health professionals as part of a healthy lifestyle and routine.

Note: It is advisable that you seek medical advice prior to regular fasting.



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