Can Honey Cure Acne?

Some people tend to think that the use of honey for medicinal purposes is a bit of a myth


But its healing properties are so proven that it has been approved for medical use, hence that is why you will see the ingredient in a wide range of products such as beauty products and cough medicines.

In clinical trials – it was shown to have a positive healing effect on wounds and scars, and the reason for its good healing properties – is that it contains a natural anti-bacterial compound and that is why it is particularly good as a treatment for acne.

 So how should honey be used for acne treatment?

Not any old honey will do. This is because most common branded honey that you pick up from your local supermarket has been processed. Processing honey destroys the honey’s natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Medical-grade honey such as (Manuka) as it has the most potent healing compounds. If you can’t obtain medical-grade honey you can also use natural, raw, unprocessed, and unheated honey that has no added ingredients. You also need to find out whether the honey has been collected from organic hives, hence not been subjected to chemicals. If you live in a village – there may be a local bee farmer where you can obtain it from and confirm that it’s natural state.

How do I apply the honey to my acne?

You can apply the honey directly to the affected area. Just rub it in very gently and leave for approximately 15 minutes then rinse off (without rubbing the treated area). You should try this twice a day to see if there is any improvement. Natural unprocessed honey is quiet thick but don’t be tempted to heat the honey on the stove or in the microwave as this will destroy its anti-bacterial properties.

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