Can I Automatically Submit My Site To Directories For Free?

Yes you can – Why bother to pay for automated directory submissions when you can do this yourself for free? And why submit manually when you can do it automatically? is the best way to automatically submit your website to directories and it won’t cost you a single penny. has thousands of directories that don’t require reciprocal linking, hence – this will save you time as you may have already experienced during your SEO campaign that you have filled in half of your details in on a directory form, only to realise that it is a reciprocal link only!

With you fill in all your website details (just once!) then work your way through the comprehensive list of directories and submit your site. Every time you visit a directory a tick appears so that you can track what directories you have visited and keep a track on what you have done. A tick will also appear when a directory has approved your site, so you can really monitor your submissions. You can also choose directories by page ranking or just start at the beginning of the list and work your way down the list.

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