Can I Be A Model?

To be  –  what is considered to be ‘model material’  is sadly what has become a general perception/norm…


But this is far from the truth as models aren’t just super skinny, long-legged individuals you often see on cat walks and magazines. There several different types of modeling categories and different models, catering for different heights, shapes, and sizes. Such as:

  • Fashion / Image
  • Commercial / Print
  • Fitness
  • Plus Size
  • Kids
  • Real People


You don’t have to be super thin to be a model these days…


Diverse Models: By straight-curve Director Jenny McQuaile


Modeling is open to anyone who may have potential in any one of the above categories. I.e. someone who is good at drama may be a good candidate for portraying a certain character for advertising, or a child that is very sociable and likes being at the centre of attention. Plus more mature models, advertising – pensions/insurance, spectacles, etc.

If you have a desire to work in this type of industry and feel that you you have alot to offer, then don’t be too hung up about how you look. As your personality and dedication will be taken into consideration.

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