Can I Buy A House With No Money Down?

Until recently the prospects of buying a house with no down payment was really disheartening….

but now there are opportunities to invest in property or equity without the burden of no deposit.

 The following  summary shows you how the ‘no money down’ mortgage is possible:

  1. The mortgage  you apply for will account for the full 100 percent equity value or the property’s total appraised value
  2. To be eilgible for this scheme you will need to prove that you have an excellent  credit rating and reputation, i.e you have not been made no bankrupt or had late payments within last two years.
  3. Your credibility to pay the Loan repayment on the house will be on the basis  of your own job stability and income security, ( At least 2 years in your current employment, will be considered as the minimum requirement)

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