Can I Buy a Title?

If buying a title was that simple, then surely – every Joe Bloggs would have one!

Yes – Indeed, we all could be ‘Lady’ and ‘Lord’ of the manor!! or should I say . . . . . semi, bungalow, terrace, etc


As you cannot purchase a ‘genuine British title’, the only exception being – the feudal title of a Scottish baron, which would set you back a million, at least!

The nearest you would get to owning peerage status is by changing your name by deed poll. Yes – you can call your self anything by deed poll . . . but surely  – no more authentic than  a computer generated certificate, eh?

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  1. They may be only a bit of fun, but the Laird titles offered by Highland Titles look just the same as more genuine – or expensive – ones on your drivers license! All in a good cause too.

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