Can I Change My Name?

If you are over age 16 then you can apply for a name change without your parents consent.

However  – if you are a child under the age of 16 then you will need your parents consent, i.e. parents stated on your birth certificate.

What if I am  a child but only one parent will agree to my name change?

You can apply for consent through a family court especially if you are mature enough to have an understanding as to why you want your name changed, i.e. it would prove difficult to persuade a judge to give consent for a name change to a child under the age of five.

What if one of my parents are absent?

If a parent is absent and his whereabouts is unknown. The parent that cares for you can change your name by deed poll as long as they can satisfy the deed poll office that all attempts have been exhausted in trying to contact the asbsent parent for his or her consent. You can do this by including a letter with your application.

 Example Letter of consent:

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