Can I Choose MY Baby’s Gender?

Many parents want to pick the gender of their child, and pay a fortune to clinics to do it.


But you can choose their gender naturally; and it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s how:

The basics:

Natural gender selection depends primarily upon two components; one from each partner. First: the woman must arrange the correct timing of intercourse in her menstrual cycle. Second: the man should adjust his sperm count to the required level. Outcome: when these two essential conditions are met, intercourse usually leads to the conception of a child of the chosen gender.

The timing of intercourse:

To conceive a boy, intercourse must take place at ovulation; for a girl, intercourse should occur before ovulation. Explanation: there are two types of sperm: the male-bearing androsperm and fast-moving but die easily, gynesperm are slow-moving but hardy. Also: conception can only occur at or after ovulation, when the egg leaves the ovaries and enters the fallopian tube. :

At ovulation:

The vagina is bathed in alkaline mucus in which both sorts of sperm are viable. But the faster-swimming androsperm are more likely to win the race to the egg after intercourse on the day of ovulation; hence a boy. At other times: the vagina is usually acidic, and most androsperm cannot live long in an acidic environment, whereas the gynesperm can survive for up to five or six days. So they will still be there to fertilise the egg if intercourse takes place some days before ovulation; thus a girl.

Sperm count:

For a boy, sperm count must be high; to conceive a girl, sperm count should be low. Reason: male-bearing androsperm may be fast swimmers, but they do not cope well with the hazards of the vagina. So many die off when they are ejaculated into the women’s body that a higher number of them are needed to provide a greater statistical chance of one of them surviving to fertilise the egg. Hence, a high sperm count is required for boys. And: because female-bearing gynesperm are tougher and live longer, their numbers do not diminish so drastically and many will survive even in a low sperm count. Thus, a low sperm count favours girls.

Identifying ovulation:


To increase your chances of success, the day of ovulation has to be pinpointed. Usual: ovulation normally occurs 14 days before the menstrual cycle is due. Example: for a 28-day cycle, ovulation should take place on day 14. Note: even with varying cycles, ovulation will still usually occur 14 days before the next one begins. But: if cycles fluctuate significantly – perhaps between 30 and 34 days – the day of ovulation could be on day 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20. Solution: monitor your daily temperature. When: take your temperature each morning before you get out of bed, and record it.

Ovulation occurs when there is a mid-month drop in temperature followed by a sharp rise to a higher level where it stays roughly the same for the rest of that cycle. Tip: the temperature should normally go up on the day after ovulation. Other pointers: increased libido, slippery vaginal mucus, pain in the lower abdomen.

Changing sperm count: to boost your prospects of having a child of a particular sex, you may want to amend the sperm count. Fact: sperm count is very variable, and much affected by environmental conditions.

Key factor:

the temperature level in the scrotum. Hot: increasing the temperature will lower sperm count – this is best for a girl. How: tight0fitting pants and trousers, hot showers. Also: more frequent sex lowers sperm count too. Cold: reducing the temperature will raise your sperm count – and is best for a boy. How: loose pants and baggy trousers, cold showering, cold sponging of the genitals. Plus: giving up smoking will soon improve sperm count.

For a boy:

if you want to conceive a boy, the man should keep his genitals cool in boxer shorts and loose trousers, allowing cool air to circulate around his testicles. To keep the sperm count at a high level in month that you want to conceive, abstain from intercourse for one week, but no longer. Note: abstaining for any longer than that and sperm will become old, slower moving and weaker. Wait for the slippery, ovulatory vaginal mucus, and make love once while the sperm count is high. Important: once, only. The woman should try to have an orgasm, and before the man. Why: on orgasm, a woman releases some alkaline fluid that favours the androsperm.

For a girl:

If you want your next child to be a girl, the man should keep his genitals warm in close-knit y-fronts and tighter trousers. To lower the sperm count, have unprotected intercourse every other night from as soon as the period finishes until five days before ovulation. Then stop, or use a barrier method of contraception for the remainder of that cycle. Note: if conception does not occur after three months of trying, gradually creep up one day a month nearer to ovulation. But: don’t get too near or you will have another boy.

Warning: do not make love if there is any sign of the slippery ovulatory mucus. Ideally, as much time as possible should elapse between intercourse and ovulation to allow plenty of opportunity for the male-bearing androsperm to die off before the egg appears at ovulation.

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