Can I Create A Website For free?


Yes – you can create a website for free, but you will need to purchase a domain name and pay a subscription fee to a hosting site.


Free blog packages such as ‘WordPress’ are best if you have never built a website before as these are fairly simple to create and include an excellent support forum if you hit a problem. Some of the blog themes are really nice and you get to choose your own to compliment your niche.



The following list will help you to get started:

  1. Choose and purchase your domain name (relevant to your niche)
  2. Register your domain with a hosting service
  3. Set up your new blog


Once you have set up your blog – you will need to get it indexed in google, and then for the hardest part – is to start doing your SEO (search engine optimisation). This can be very time consuming but you will need to do this to promote your blog and drive traffic to it.

Alternatively: You can set up a free blog at This way you do not have to purchase a domain name or sign up with a hosting site as hosts the site for you. This a good way to set up a site if you are not fussed about earning an income stream and it is more for personal use, as you will not have a keyword rich domain name if you use a free hosting site like

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