Can I Donate A Car?

Donating a car, motorbike, boat, or even a trailer can be a safisfying gesture

You need be careful who you donate your vehicle to though as some organisations offer to help you donate your car for you but keep a staggering 50-90% of the sale value for themselves. Most of the organisations that keep most of the donated vehicle profit for themselves, are those that use aggressive advertising campaigns such as on TV, flyers,  and billboards.

Therefore – the best way to donate your vehicle is through direct contact with a charity such as Oxfam. Oxfam work in conjunction with a car auction company called ‘Manheim’. Manheim ensures that Oxfam recieves 100% of the sale value of the car.


Manheim have already sold over 100 hundred cars at auction for Oxfam

Once you have contacted Oxfam – they usually take approximately one week to collect it. Oxfam can also use Gift Aid to increase the value of your donation by claiming 28% of the total value from Inland Revenue. Also – if you are a tax payer, you can claim a tax refund of 18% of the total sale price on your yearly tax return.

The first step is to contact Oxfam directly –  either by calling 0300 2001 333.

Canada car donations:

If you are a resident in canada- ‘Donate a Car Canada’ is now partnered with Oxfam Canada to raise revenue though donating vehicles.

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