Can I drill a hole in glass?

You can drill easily and safely drill holes in all glass..

Types of glass such as – sea glass, wine bottles, glass blocks, tiles, stones, granite and marble by following these simple tips and techniques:

  • Use diamond bits to drill your glass (and not carbide bits)
  • Select diamond hole saws to drill holes 1/4 of an inch and larger, or to drill holes in thick glass such as glass blocks and wine bottles.
  • Plenty of  lubrication/coolant is essential to keep your drill tip cool and the hole you are drilling clean.
  • Do NOT apply any pressure (most people make this mistake) Just allow your drill bit drill at it’s own pace.
  • Start diamond hole saws at approx 600-900 rmp,
  • Start diamond drill bits at approx 2500-5000 rmp, as too much speed will cause the drill bit to slip or the glass to crack/shatter.

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