Can I Earn Money With Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a money earning advertising program offered by for website owners


But it is not just a commercial program only. It is a lot more additional than it. Lets see in details what Google Adsense is.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an adverting revenue sharing program by Google that any web site owners can put Google ads in their websites and can earn revenue from Google for successful promotion.

To know additional information concerning  Google Adsense  –  firstly one needts to understand some info regarding how Google works



Google may be a search engine in the internet. But it is not just a probe engine. It’s the biggest search engine within the world. It has a magnificant market share than all the different search engines all together!

The enormous company giant like Microsoft is also not even in the competition level with Google. Microsoft is making an attempt to cosy up to Google such as creating search engine live and then announcing the new competetetive Bing.

Google has become a very big company now a days. Google homeowners have their own personal very massive plane. Not only Google Homeowners – but it’s high executives conjointly that have a personal plane. Google contributes a massive portion of its assets to NASA analysis in the USA.

What’s Googles Revenue Source?

We all understand that Google is a search engine, and we all love something free of charge. Then how is Google is earning money? It’s via their adwords?

Yes, besides free search service, it has an advertising products named Adwords. If you search in Google, in the results  results you will find a sponsored list. Those are Google customers and they are paying Google for advertising with them in the search result priority list.

Google is promoting it’s Adwords customers in Search Results, into Google e-mail service ,Gmail and in all thier other free services like Google Group, Google Map, Google Blog Blogger or BlogSpot etc.

Google isn’t only promoting its customers by themselves but conjointly promoting by the means of other websites not owned by Google and that’s where the Adsense program comes in!

How to enroll for Google Adsense?

Anybody can sign up for Google Adsense if you have a website. Even free website owners can apply for Adsense. However, Google prefers websites with’ unique quality rich content’.

Thus to enroll Adsense it’s better to create an awsome website with some pretty decent content first, as during the sign up method there are fields for niche web sites and Google takes into account the application mostly based on the websites content. So No cheating folkes!

After Google Adsense is set-up it takes 2-3 days to approve the account. They will send a message if they don’t approve  an application. The main reason for not approving an account is mainly based on the web site content. Therefore in that case modification of the web site content is vital. Strive to put your distinctive content without copying from others as well, Google detests duplicate content.

The way to earn with Google Adsense?


As a  web site owner you will sign on to your Google Adsense account and place their advertisements in the website. If any visitor clicks on any Google ads, Google pays the web site owner as a result of Google Adword customers paying Google for each click and Google share some of revenue by Adsense Program.

There are people who are earning a living from Google Adsense. At the same time there are people who are struggling to earn their 1st pay check!

The rationale in the difference is expertise and knowledge. You’ll be able to acquire the expertise and information by trial and error at first. One thing for sure – Google pays out, so it’s up to you to follow their instructions carefully and stick to the rules. If you mess around with Google you are barred from having an Adsense account ….for life!

Google Adsense:

Due to Google Adsense  –  it creates a rich atmosphere over the internet. Whoever is giving away decent free perks on the web  – is because of Google Adsense. They are obtaining cash from Google Adsense for their free service to internet visitors. There are millions of internet sites in the internet who are using adsense to earn money and the opportunity is unlimited.


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