Can I Fall Out Of Love?

No – you cannot truly fall out of love, but you need to ask yourself if you were truly in love in the first place?

Most people are confused regarding what ‘falling in love’ really means. For instance – physical ‘attraction’ can mimic feelings of love and also – so can missing a person, but merely missing a person can mean that you are missing them only because you feel very ‘attached’ to them and feel lost without them – therefore, to sum things up, both attraction and attachment can distort true love.



So What is True Love?

Falling in love is not only about feelings of ‘attraction’ and ‘attachment’ but it is when you care very deeply about the person you are with. I.e. Sadly – A couple who are in love may decide to part company due to irreconcilable differences, therefore – they may part on amicable terms, still care about one another and remain good freinds.

The best advantage of  ‘true love’ is that you do stand more of a chance of sorting out your differences and tend to try much harder to preserve your relationship.

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