Can I Freeze Rice?

You can freeze rice  but you have to be careful when thawing as rice has a spore forming bacteria


Follow the guide below for safe freezing, thawing, and eating:


  1. Place the cooked rice for freezing in freezer bags or plastic cartons with lids.
  2. Once removed from the freezer . . . .
  3. Thaw out in the ‘fridge’ to prevent any build up of bacteria. Do not reheat rice for a second time and consume immediately.



Most people don’t realise that rice can easily grow bacteria known as ‘Bacillus Cereus’ – hence do not leave the leftovers out all night after a meal. We all know about the day after effects from a meal in the Indian restuarant, and this is more likely to be the effect of the rice!

Tip: If you purchase a take-away meal with rice and don’t intend on consuming it all. Consider having an alternative to the rice such as naan bread, pitta, etc instead.


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