Can I Get Google Buzz On My Mobile Phone?

Yes – Google Buzz is now available on many supported phones. Setting up Google Buzz is really simple.


Google Buzz Applications


Follow these 5 simple steps to get you started:

  1. Look in your mobile phone browser for
  2. Visit the website and  click on ‘menu’
  3. Set up a public Google profile (if you don’t already have one)
  4. Just a ‘user name’ will be enable you to start using Google Buzz.
  5. Accept your mobiles terms and conditions


Google Buzz can Promote Your Local Business!


Apart from following and keeping in touch with your friends and posting to while you are away from your computer. Google Buzz can promote your business. And it can do it far better than Twitter can in 2 simple ways. firstly – You don’t need to know the business in advance, because unlike twitter  – Google Buzz tells you what’s going on right near you, (because Google Buzz automatically posts news to your inbox) and secondly – means you don’t have to follow anyone! how brilliant is that? so if you own a small local business and want to sell your special offers, overstock or ’empty-seat tickets’ – get Google Buzz on your phone without delay.

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