Can I Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones Naturally?

Ways to get rid of Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath, which is typically connected with this condition, need not be a challenge any longer!


The scientific or medical name for this condition is ‘Tonsilloliths’. This article may help you to have a  better understanding of what Tonsil Stones exactly are – how they affect you – and what you can do about them.

A Tonsil stone (Tonsillolith) is basically a small irregular piece of cream coloured (whitish yellow) deposit that appears in the small holes or crevices that naturally occur in the tonsils (tonsil crypts). They are caused by a build-up of debris, mucous and sulfur-producing bacteria that camp in the tonsils at the back of your throat. Coughing these kinds of stones up from time to time doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

Tonsil Stones are harmless in themselves but can be an irritation at times.It is estimated that around a 1/4 of all adults that still have their tonsils endure this condition at sometime through their lives. It’s no wonder ‘How to get rid of Tonsil Stones’ is a common search term on Google and other search engines. For years sufferers have not actually known what these stones are and have often been embarrassed to ask anyone or have never had a right explanation when they did ask.It is actually only in recent times that the medical community has truly began to realize precisely what tonsil stones are and why these form.

Bad breath difficulties can regularly be linked with Tonsilloliths and it is the two combinations that trouble most who accept this condition.


In case you have indeed coughed up a tonsil stone and split it out you understand they are dreadful smelling, a bit like rotten eggs or thrown up.

The reason for this is the methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide that forms within the stones. These very same gases create many bad breath troubles. That said, it doesn’t mean if you have tonsil stones you will routinely have bad breath. Until now, science has provided very little help in the prevention of tonsil stones but fortunately there are steps you can take to treat them.



If your tonsil stones are relatively small and they are not causing you any discomfort – then you don’t have to have them surgically removed as they require no special treatment. If you are suffering from bad breath  – you can simpy gargle with good old salt and water to control any build-up of bacteria.

However – if the stones are large enough – some people dislodge them with Q tips. Removing the tonsil stones is not necessarily a cure though because if you are susceptabile to  tonsilloliths – normally due to a history of  tonsilitus, then it is likely that the stones will return.

If this is your ‘first bout’ of tonsil stones  – then your doctor will prescribe some appropriate antibiotics .You may be lucky – and the tonsil stones never appear again.

I strongly suggest that you don’t waste a lot of money on lotions/potions and miracle cures to get rid of recurring tonsil stones, but seek advice and treatment from your doctor.

For an individual with recurring tonsil stones and who has a medical history of chronic tonsilitus – the best option would be to have the tonsils surgically removed.

Do not embarassed by tonsil stones – and worry about getting rid of them on your own. They are a common problem and can affect anyone.


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  1. 4th january 2012 I was told that I have
    tonsil stones. I have being see the stones
    Before and did not no what they were but now
    I do I went to see my doctor about it and he
    Gave me a treatment. So now I hope there don’t
    Come back.

  2. The process of removing tonsil stones can also be done at home. Gargling with warm and salty water is also an effective method to remove tonsil stones.

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