Can I Get Still Get Pregnant Over The Age Of 40?

I am sure you have heard a plenty of warnings and suspicion concerning women who are over 40 years old and still want to get pregnant and have a baby.

Hopefully you don’t let these stories to discourage you because that’s what they are, just stories.

Some information says that if you are too old your chances of getting gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia increase. You may also need to have Caesarean. When you have finally succeed to get pregnant many of them intimidate you about the risks of birth defects or chromosomal abnormalities.

Also, when you do get pregnant at an advanced age you are treated like a lab rat with all kind of experiments, such as sonograms and amniocentesis test. Amniocentesis test is conducted to be sure of the baby’s health. However, there are always some risks involved when making these tests, and they can make mistakes as well.

Even though you are over forty, this does not mean that you are that much different than any other women who are trying to get pregnant. The threat of women of this age are more at risk of gaining more weight seems to be filled with half-truths. I am sure many of us have witnessed the not so healthy, overweight twenty-two year old. Even though they are younger, they are not necessarily wiser. Risk have just as much to do with lifestyle as well as age.

There may be many reasons why a woman may wait until she is over 40 to have a child. These reasons could be, for example, career oriented lifestyle, meeting that “Mr Right” rather late, or some just get the “baby syndrome” at a later stage in their life. Whatever the reason is, it is not uncommon today to get pregnant and have a baby over forty. With advances in medicine and technology, better health care along with being pregnant at this age becoming more common, its almost routine.

If you want to get pregnant, tips to follow are practically the same for women of all ages:
  • get a appropriate amount of exercise before, during, and after pregnancy
  • eat healthy
  • make sure that you get appropriate prenatal care

Infertility treatments are rather common for women over 40.

The twist to this is that studies show many women manage to get pregnant in between treatments naturally, as long as their partner has no sperm count irregularities.

One of the most significant causes of infertility among women over forty is stress. Stress have many harmfull effects for your body. Trying to conceive while being worried, afraid and anxious will result in less chances of success. So, if you have some concerns, you should talk about them with someone close to you, such as your husband or your best friend. This will not only help you to feel better, but also getting pregnant faster.

The moral of the story is try to be at your optimal health.

Getting pregnant over 40 can be a rewarding experience. Eat properly, check your weight, be sure to drink plenty of water and get enough rest. And do not let the pregnancy stories scare you.

How do you get pregnant if you are over 40?

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