Can I Interpret Different Types Of Dreams?

In order to accurately interpret the meaning of your dreams you have to learn the dream language

Only the scientific analysis of the dream symbols can provide you real translations.

All dreams have a protective function. The unconscious mind that produces them sends warnings, information and guidance to your human conscience, so that it may avoid the traps of the anti-conscience.

The anti-conscience is the wild side of your conscience, which remains in a primitive condition. It keeps trying to destroy the human side of your conscience through absurdity, so that it may control your behavior. This is why most dream symbols indicate danger.

Almost all dream images have symbolic meanings. The associations that gave these meanings are based on the unconscious wisdom.

For example, when you see your mother in a dream, this means that you are being influenced by the anti-conscience.

When you think about your mother you believe that she represents someone who cares about you. However, the symbolic meaning that she has in your dreams is negative because your mother represents the chaotic formation of the primitive conscience, without any organization.

You should never interpret the meaning of dreams based on your opinion. You must study the dream language, the same way that you must study a foreign language if you want to understand it.

There are seven basic types of dreams:


1. Dreams that protect your mental health – These are the most complex ones; you absolutely need to learn the meaning of all dream symbols in order to understand them.

2. Dreams that give you information about the person you love -These are the simplest ones. The person you love doesn’t have a symbolic meaning. Other people don’t have a symbolic meaning in this type of dream either. You only need to learn the meaning of a few dream symbols in order to understand these dreams, without completely studying the dream language.

3. Dreams that give you information about dead people – These dreams are rare. You will have objective information about dead people only if they were very important for you. Otherwise, dead people in your dreams represent parts of your own personality.

The symbolism used in dreams about dead people is as complex as the symbolism used in dreams about your mental health. However, you can understand the unconscious messages much easier since the dead person doesn’t have a symbolic meaning. You only need to translate the other parts of the dream.

4. Nightmares, recurring dreams, or warnings – These are the most common ones. You are in constant danger due to the existence of the violent anti-conscience that tries to control your behavior.

5. Dreams containing future predictions – These dreams help you get prepared to face future difficulties, giving you the chance to correct your mistakes and prepare the future results you desire.

6. Dreams that analyze your past – These dreams work like psychotherapy, relieving you from traumas, fears, wrong impressions, and conclusions. They correct your behavior and attitude.

7. Dreams that reflect your progress – As you keep translating the meaning of your dreams and following the unconscious guidance, there are various dream symbols and themes that indicate all the evolutionary stages you pass through.

The Scientific Method of Dream Interpretation – Christina Sponias.
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