Can I Interpret My Own Dreams?

If you read the messages of your unconscious mind, you may find it easier to identify and deal with your hopes and fears in dreams


Understanding your dreams will give you insight regading what is happening for you on an unconscious level.

Symbols in dreams can represent hidden meanings that we don’t realise exist on a conscious level .How many times have you awoke for a dream and thought to your self  ‘what a weird dream that was?


The following tips will help you to understand your dreams and their hidden meanings:

  1. Record your dreams –  You will remember most of your dream immediately when you wake up, so always have pen and paper handy by the bed.
  2. Don’t interpret a single dream – as it will produce misleading results. Record a body of information about your dreams, this way you can analyse a wider range to produce more accurate assessments.
  3. Eliminate (parts of) dreams that are not of a symbolic nature – For example – such as re-runs of that days events, and ignore any events that are related to physical stimulus – such as a desire to urinate or symptoms of thirst, as these events tend to impinge on dreams and hold no special meaning.
  4. Interpreting your messages from your unconscious mind  – Symbolism: Areas of the mind specialise in visual understanding and communicate through pictures or symbols. Example – if a blind person appears in a dream; this could represent some area of blindless in your own life. Also, if you dream about flying away on a seagul in mid-conversation, this could suggest that you should steer clear of gossip. Alternatively – it could mean that you may have learned some ‘new found freedom’ from the message.

Sources, ‘Dream Interpretations For Beginners’, Michelle simmons & Chris Mclaughlin.

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