Can I keep My Ferrets Completely Safe In The House?

Most ferret owners are perfectly aware of the potential problems that face their ferret if it were to get outside


But many do not realize that there are also potential problems inside the home that can be very serious. It is a very good idea to ensure that you have made your home safe for your pet to avoid a potentially serious scenario from occurring.

Do not worry too much about these problems though. We will look at some ways you can make your home great for any pet ferret.


Ferrets and Home Burrowing

Ferrets will sneak into the smallest possible holes, at any given moment. It’s an instinctive thing for them. If they find a hole in between furniture, flooring or walls, they’ll be in there like a shot. This could result in a number of problems for the ferret.

Firstly, they may get exposed to electrical cables, in wall or floor cavities. The risk to a ferret is elevated by the fact that they wish to chew things, not knowing that chewing on a cable may send them a shock of over 200 volts.

Secondly, your ferret could get caught within the spaces that they attempt to enter. Wall and floor spaces are much more rigid than tube toys and natural burrows. Ferrets can often panic in relation to getting stuck, so it’s important that you keep them calm and ease them out gently.

In fact, the best way to keep away from all that is to make sure you plug any gaps in the home, before you get a ferret. Take a good look around and be sure you’ve left no areas that a curious ferret may enter. Attempt to put your self within the ferret’s place, when identifying gaps.

Different Household Risks

Family appliances and storage areas can also pose important risks to your ferret. So, it’s significantly vital that you simply keep this in mind, at any time when you will have your ferret exterior of his or her cage.

Ferrets tend to try to take a nap in any washing basket they could find. So, if you have washing waiting to go into the machine, it’s a good idea to be sure to check the basket rigorously, before you start a wash, as washing machines aren’t the correct technique to clean a ferret.

Ventilation tubes for dryers are another thing that’ll present nice interest to a ferret, as they are just like tube toys. Danger of harm or getting caught is high. Retaining the tubes out of ferret accessibility is a must.

Storage spaces, cupboards and cabinets have a dual risk to your pet ferret. First, there’s the perennial risk of them getting stuck, to not mention the chance by the contents. There are too many issues to list here, that might injure your ferret, though detergents, espresso and anti-freeze should give you an concept of what we’re pondering about.

If you worry too much about your ferret then you can never enjoy owning a pet. But try to spend a short period of time making sure everything is in order and it can save you from the worry and stress if something were to happen in the future.

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